About Us

View More: http://lilidurkin.pass.us/georgina-ferryHi, I’m Georgina van der Vorst, the founder of Champagne & Sparkles.   I’m a Wedding & Events Planning Specialist with a passion for creating and delivering unforgettable events. I’m an exceptional organiser and planner and I’m obsessed with details.  After a career spanning over 20 years in the media and events industry as an Executive Assistant, the concept of Champagne & Sparkles was born in September 2015 and is now my full-time passion.

My experience ranges from project and event management to organising the finer details of your wedding, party or event.  I’m experienced in budget management, client management, logistics management, conflict resolution, negotiating, and of course, all things detail. I’ve planned and managed a range of events from corporate away days and management meetings, Graduate Recruitment Assessment Centres, through to dinners, conferences and weddings.

When I’m not creating your dream event, I’m spending time with my Dutch husband and our 2 felines, Oscar and Elmo.  I love cooking and entertaining, and as I was born and raised in New Zealand, pavlova usually features on the menu.   I’m inspired by good food, good wine, good company, architecture, music and cities I visit.  My love of ballroom dancing began at age 7, and continued well into my 20’s, during that time you would find me strutting my stuff on the competition floor.  My current addictions are coffee, cocktails and handbags, in no particular order!

I am a certified Wedding & Event Planner through the UK Academy of Wedding and Event Planning.

I am passionate about creating and delivering your dream wedding or event, and I can’t wait to be a part of yours!


Fun Fact

Did you notice that depending on how you look at our logo, you might see something different?
At first, most people will see a champagne glass, a few sparkles, and the letters C and S. When you take a closer look, however, you’ll see a man and a woman looking at each other.