It’s not like the movies, that’s the first thing.  It’s not glamorous, it is far from galivanting around visiting venues and having menu tastings, it’s hard work.  A wedding is a major event and with it comes a lot of planning… and I mean a lot… approx 250 – 500 hours depending on the type of wedding.   It involves a methodical approach, a love (or in my case, obsession) for details, efficient time management, and a meticulous approach to budget analysis and negotiation, not to mention being a good communicator and diplomat.  It involves long hours (you’re on your feet a lot) and a lot of patience.  But, if you love it, like me, it’s all worth it.  Seeing the joy and happiness on my clients’ faces is the best part of my job.

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So what does it mean, being a wedding planner? 
In generic terms, a wedding planner is someone who is a professional and an expert who can help and support you with the planning and management of your wedding day.  The scope of things a wedding planner can help you with is broad, and it’s a good idea to define what you think you will need help with early on when thinking about using a planner.  A wedding planner can help you with working out your budget and keeping you on track with your spending, help you find venues and suppliers that suit your wedding style and budget, help you with your guest list and manage your RSVP’s, arrange supplier meetings for you, work out the logistics such as travel and hotel room bookings, the list can quite literally be endless.  A wedding planner can take on as much or as little of the wedding organisation as you like, helping you from beginning to end, giving you an extra pair of hands when you need it for certain tasks or just being there on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Most wedding planners offer a range of services to suit your requirements and budget.

Some wedding planners are design-led and help you design your wedding but I’m a logistical and details planner, think of me as the project manager for your wedding.  I’ll be your best friend, confidante, mediator and negotiator.  I’m there to support you, never judging and never taking over – your wedding is about the two of you and I’m there to make it all happen seamlessly. I’ll help take away some of the stress involved in planning your wedding, listen to your ideas, work with you to understand your vision and help you achieve and deliver the wedding you want.  I’ll work tirelessly with you throughout the process to make sure every little detail of your wedding is carefully thought-out, logistically planned and flawlessly executed – together we’ll create a memorable experience for you and your guests.

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But why do I need you, when I can plan the wedding myself with my family?
If you have a busy job and lead busy lives, spending every spare waking moment researching venues and suppliers, working out the questions you need to ask to get the right information, reading all the small print (which is a must) of all the brochures, shortlisting your favourites, comparing prices and services, working out your budget and what to spend where (and this is just the beginning), can all get too much.  It’s exciting and fun to start with, putting spreadsheets together and collating all the information but it can get tiresome and stressful very, very quickly.  High stress levels and frayed nerves can also impact on your relationship as a couple and on your relationship with your family.  Having someone who does it professionally and has done it before really helps, and leaves you to enjoy the planning without having to deal with the stress.  Your wedding is about you, I am just there to support and guide your through the process.

My venue and/or caterer offer wedding planning so why do I need you?
A lot of caterers now offer wedding planning alongside their catering service, and this might be exactly what you’re looking for, depending on your requirements.  Also, a large number of venues have an in-house venue or wedding co-ordinator, but they are not the same as an independent wedding planner.  They work for the venue, not for you. As your wedding planner, I work for You, which means you and everything I do for you, are my top priority, I have your best interests at heart.  I will always work in harmony with a venue wedding planner/co-ordinator and there are some amazing ones out there who love working with wedding planners, and together we make sure your wedding day is everything and more. 

ave a look at this blog post to find out more about the difference between a venue co-ordinator and a wedding planner.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, think about hiring a wedding planner.  It can honestly save you time and money so you can relax with a glass of fizz and enjoy being engaged.  Discover more about my wedding planning services here.

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