An iconic moment at any wedding is the first dance and choosing the song that’s right for you both is a different experience for every couple getting married.  Some couples will know immediately which song they’ll choose, it’s instinctive and something meaningful to them.  For others, it can be confusing – the important thing to remember is don’t put pressure on yourselves to choose the ‘right’ song – be yourselves and enjoy the moment when it comes.

Here are some of my top tips for choosing the music for your first dance:

Some first dance songs will have a significant meaning for the two of you – perhaps it was a song that was playing when you first met, or when you shared your first kiss.  Some couples choose a song that reminds them of an event, a concert, festival, holiday or special occasion.  Others choose a song to fit with the theme or style of the wedding.

Many couples assume that their first dance song needs to be very romantic and emotional, but that is not the case, it can be anything you choose and that is meaningful to you. 

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Ensure the band (if you’re having one) can play the piece of music you’ve chosen – asking a jazz band to play a rock song or your 90’s band to play The Way You Look Tonight may be tricky if your song isn’t in their standard repertoire of music. 

Most bands have the more popular dance songs in their repertoire, but if you want to choose something special to you that isn’t in their range, you can ask them if they can learn the song before you make your final decision.

Don’t feel you have to discount the song just because the band can’t play it.  If you really want to use that particular song or piece of music, you can always use an iPod, or CD for that special moment. 

Make sure to tell your DJ which version of the song you have chosen – there are many versions of the same song out there so make sure you tell your DJ (if you’re having one) which version of the song or piece of music is one you have chosen for your first dance.  They’ll then be able to download the correct version and there won’t be unexpected surprises when you come to that point of the reception.

Make sure you can dance to the music – another important thing to think about is are you able to dance to the song.  For those that don’t like being the centre of attention, you might be dreading your first dance, or perhaps you are looking forward to showing off some fancy footwork.

Either way, make sure you know ahead of the big day what you will be doing for your first dance – whether that is a romantic shuffle or a choreographed routine, be sure to practice in advance to the music so you know what you will be doing on the day.

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Be mindful of the melody – if you’re planning a romantic slow dance avoid choosing something upbeat with a fast tempo so speak to your band or DJ in advance and they will be able to customise the rhythm of your music choice to make it better suited to slow dancing if your heart is set on a slightly more upbeat music choice.

Traditional or contemporary – Classic songs are timeless and never go out of style, but to you this could mean that they are overused and have a certain predictability about them.  Contemporary songs might suit better with your taste in music but it’s always that struggle of choosing something that you’re not going to regret in years in to come if the song loses its popularity.  Got with your first instinct and choose what is right for you at the time.

Need some help deciding on a band or DJ?  I can help guide you through the options, find out more about my services.

Top image credit: Lloyd Dobbie